Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Countdown

Well, December is here ready or not.  Over the next few weeks I will be posting some Christmas gift ideas I am either doing this year or have done in the past.  Hopefully, this countdown will provide you some last minute gift ideas you can use.

The first gift idea is Christmas dish towels.  In several previous posts (Dish Towels & More Dish Towels) I showed you several towels I made for Christmas and other holidays.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday I created a few new ones.  Here they are:

I thought this towel needed something very simple.  I chose a plain white cotton crocheted lace and added three green buttons in the center.  This would be a welcome addition to any traditional kitchen.

This towel has three strips of coordinating fabric that I cut with a pinking rotary blade and then stitched around the edges with one of the "fancy" stitches on my machine.  I had originally intended to ruffle these strips but then decided to go a different direction.  The three red buttons on the center strip added one final detail.

Since this towel was a solid red I used a fabric strip that is a little more busy.  These strips are stitched like the ones above.  The star and snowmen button really stand out on the green and add a layer of whimsy.

This towel was the most challenging.  I added a box pleated
edge to the bottom.  I could not remember how to make
 the box pleat so it took me a while and several attempts
to get it right.  To finish the top edge of the pleat I added
 a simple white ribbon.
The last two towels have ruffled strips like the ones in my previous post.  Hopefully these will spark some ideas for quick gifts that anyone can use. 
Until tomorrow! 

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