Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Countdown - 9 days left!

Oh my, we are now in single digits.  Time is running out.  Hopefully you have found a few gift ideas from this countdown.  

Today's project is one that I saw at school and it was a "What a great idea." moment.  Our PTA treats our staff to a luncheon at the end of each month.  We are very blessed to have such supportive and generous parents.  One mom brought in her dessert for the luncheon.  It was in a simple tin but the top was painted with chalkboard paint.  She had written what type of cookies the tin held.

I came home and started digging in my cabinets for those tins that get shoved to the back and you bring out every Christmas to take to the parties you attend.  I am sure we all have several of these.  These tins are very functional but not always the most attractive, at least the cheesy pictures they put on top. 

Here is the "new" cookie tin I created Before and After:

Santa is cute but he had seen a few too many parties.
Since the sides are a red plaid I can use this tin all year long.  By changing the contents and the greeting on top I have a new container each time. 
The instructions for painting the chalkboard paint are on the 16 days left! post.  I did lightly sand my top with a fine grit sandpaper to make sure the paint would adhere well.
I think after Christmas this year I will search the clearance bins for those left over tins and create a few more for gifts.  Another nice addition would be to include the recipe for the goodies you make.

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