Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Countdown - 22 more days!

The project today is something everyone can use.  It is a gift for men, women, young or old.  A scarf!  Now in Texas we do not use scarves as much as some areas of the country, but when it is cold outside there is nothing better than a scarf around your neck. 

Do a search for scarf patterns and you will be overwhelmed by the number of patterns you can select from.  Below are a few that I have found fun and easy to make.  The colors, style and length will help determine who will receive the scarf.  For men usually more muted, earthy tones work best.  For children bright colors are in style.  For women and teens it seems to be based on personal taste.

One of my favorite and warmest scarfs is one I made years ago when I taught teenage girls basic sewing.  I created this pattern for them to make something they would use but also to practice the art of stitching a loooooooong straight stitch. 

Fringed Polar Fleece Scarf

We used three pieces of polar fleece.  Stacked them one on top of each other and stitched one long seem down the center.  Once all the pieces were stitched they measured sections 1 inch in width all the way down the scarf on each side of the center seam.  Then the layers were cut stopping about an inch from the center seam.  This creates the fringe.

I found that if you buy the polar fleece blankets that are less than five dollars you can make several scarves for less  than $20.00.  I bought really bright solid colors and had the girls select three different colors for each scarf.  They enjoyed making these and were eager to wear them home even in the 100 degree Texas heat.

Fringe Closeup

Some of the other styles I have made are below.  I have given a brief description of each scarf.  If you are interested in more detailed instructions leave a comment or email me at 2danna.webber@gmail.com, and I will be happy to send you more information.

This scarf is an infinity style.  It is made from strips of a thrift store t-shirt.  The shirt I used was tie dyed.  I made this one at a craft night at church.  Most of the ladies used solid colors and they turned out cute also.  But the tie dyed really gave the scarf an added dimension.

This scarf is made from yarn wrapped around two chairs and then tied about every 10 to 12 inches.

This one is made from a tshirt.  I cut off the top portion and up one side.  I then stamped flowers in a random pattern.  It is not a long scarf but a fun one for warmer weather.

I hope this will spark some ideas for those on your list this year that could use a new scarf.


(Sorry for the picture placement - I am having trouble getting them to line up)

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