Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Countdown - 20 days left!

The project today takes about five minutes to prepare but has so many possibilities. Scrabble tile word sets. You can pick up old Scrabble games at yard sales, thrift stores or purchase new ones from the discount store.

Here are the steps.
  • Take the holders from the game and paint them your favorite color or leave them the natural wood color.
  • Select tiles from the bag to spell out different words. Each holder will allow for 8 – 9 tiles. Below are some lists of words I created for different gift ideas.
  • Use the blank tiles or some of the letters like X or Z that you will not need for your word list and paint them a coordinating color. These will become the end pieces for your words to make them stand out on the holder. The painted tiles can also be used to separate two words on the holder so the tiles stay in place.
  • Place the tiles, holder, painted dividing tiles and the word list in a cute bag or container.
Ta Da you are done!

I have these in several places around my home.  This one is in my sewing area. This tiles on the ends are glass tiles I had left over from another project.  They fit just perfectly. 

This Scrabble Tile set is in my living room on the entertainment center.  It is changed regularly with the seasons and d├ęcor.  The word on it this Fall is definitely appropriate since the owl sitting behind was carved by my brother.  He made him for my classroom but I just had to leave him at home to enjoy. 
  This set is in my dining room and  it also changes often.  It will sometimes spell out the season, give a reminder of things families do together (i.e. Laugh, Smile etc.).  When I spell out Summer my kids are always laughing telling me that we do not need a reminder in Texas that it is Summer.  Maybe next year I should put COLD and we could concentrate on that instead.
Word List Ideas: (If adding a name to the list be sure to include the tiles to spell it out)

Newly Weds: Marriage Family Beginning Start Love Happy Fun Laugh Enjoy Hope Trust Smile Husband Wife Share Ours Blessed Friends Faithful, the couples Last Name (Letters needed - 1 each B,D,H,J,L,M,O,U,V.W,Y; 2 each A,E,F,G,I,P,R,S,T; 3 each N)

New Baby: Name of baby Blessed Mom Dad Sister Brother Happy Love Joy Fun Baby Laugh Hope Play Enjoy Family Smiles A gift (Letters needed - 1 each A,E,F,G,H,I,J,L,N,O,T,U,V,Y; 2 each B,D,M,P,R,S)

Teacher: Teacher's Name Class Happy Enjoy Fun Smiles Math Science English Recess Lunch Hope Peace Help Teacher (Letters needed - 1 each A,B,F,G,H,I,J,L,M,N,O,R,T,U,Y; 2 each C,E,P,S)

Friend: Friend's name Friend Love Joy Trusted Laugh Fun Share A gift Hope Faithful Smile Happy Joy My friend (Letters needed - 1 each A,B,DEG,H<I,J,L,M,N,O,R,S,U,V,Y; 2 each F,P,T)

General Words: Create Imagine Laugh Fun Smile Happy Family Love Joy Peace Hope Faith Trusted Friend Home (Letters needed - 1 each A,C,D,F,G,H,J,L,M,N,O,R,S,U,V,Y; 2 each E,I,P,T)

Sometimes the best loved gifts are very simple.  These tiles can spell out a constant reminder to those around that they are apart of something special and they are loved.

Quick, go dig around in the back of your game closet and pull out the Scrabble tiles and holders.


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