Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmast Countdown - 17 days left!

Can a girl ever have too many bags.  If you answered no to this question today's project is for you.  I love bags of all shapes and sizes.  My husband is always asking the crazy question "Do you really need another bag?"  I always respond "I use all of my bags just not at the same time."

I made a canvas bag for my friend Kay using my Cricut and the freezer paper stencil method.  Here is her bag when finished. (Sorry for all the stuff in the background I was in a hurry and didn't have time to tidy.)

My friend loves birds so I thought this one was really fun with the top feathers.
If you are not familiar with the freezer paper stencil method here are the directions in a nutshell. 
  1. Using a Cricut or other method cut out your pattern on freezer paper.  It is best if your pattern is a silhouette type.  You will be filling in the middle portion.  So any small details will have to be ironed in place also.
  2. Take the sheet of freezer paper with pattern cut out and iron onto the bag, tshirt, towel etc.  I did have a little trouble getting the paper to adhere to the canvas bag.  It took several tries and patience.  Be sure to keep the iron moving slightly so you do not scorch your canvas.  Use the setting for your fabric type on the iron. 
  3. Using a fabric paint and a stencil brush. Paint your design.  I used the Tulip Soft Fabric Paint.  It seems to really work well on fabrics that will have a fair amount of use. (Check out my painted shoes using the same paint)
  4. Let the paint dry completely and then remove the freezer paper.  
Be sure to get all the way to the edges to make sure you have a clean sharp edge on your stencil.  (Sorry for the blurry picture)

This method works similar to any stencil painting method, the added bonus is that if you have a die cut machine of any type you can create your own stencils.
Adding the small jewels to the name and the bird's eye gave the silhouette some necessary bling.  I used plastic jewels and tacky glue to attach them.
To complete my bag I added three coordinating fabric ruffles to the bottom and a small ribbon on the top ruffle to give it a finished edge. 
You can make your own bags or use a purchased bag for this project.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination as to the embellishments you can add.  And remember "A girl can never have too many bags!"

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