Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Countdown - 12 days left!

There are a few events that happen once a year that I make a concentrated effort to attend.  One of those events is the Holiday Fair at my church.  It is held in October of each year on a Friday evening.  Now to most people this would not be a problem.  But since my son has been in the high school band for the last four years it has been a challenge to keep this date free.  Fortunately I have only missed a couple of the fairs.

Our Holiday Fair is not a craft show it is an event where the focus is on preparing your home for the holidays.  We have had over 200 ladies attend in past years.  Each table is decorated by a different person using either the Thanksgiving or Christmas theme.  One of my favorite parts is to arrive early and walk around all the table to see the creative ideas others use. 

Here are some pictures from this year and last years fairs:

This table was a variety of clear glass vases, candy dishes etc. filled with red and white candy.  This would be great done on a smaller scale for a fun and functional centerpiece. 

Look, it is a charger with a printed paper plate on top.  Just by gathering simple items and grouping them in the center it looks great.  The key is to stick with the color scheme and the table theme.

These were the table napkins at one of the tables this year.  They are fabric circles and then she folded them to look like trees.  She used the fall colors but it would also work well with Christmas greens.

This was done by one of our young adult girls.  She made the pumpkins from fabric. 
Very simple and pretty.

On some of the tables the ladies will have "favors" that you can take home if that is where you sit.  This year there was a favor for every lady to take. 

It was subway style art about Thanksgiving or Christmas.  This is the one that was at my place setting.  This would be easy to do yourself using a word processor and different styles of fonts.  Search subway art and you will find tons of ideas for fonts and styles.
Remember that your centerpiece doesn't have to be fancy or complicated, it can be as simple as a group of dishes filled with candy. 

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