Monday, September 16, 2013

Dish Towels

I am working on items I plan to put in my booth at a local craft fair in November.  Since finances are rather tight at the moment I am going through my vast array of craft and sewing items to see what I can make up for the fair.  I came across three pieces of dish towel cloth that a friend gave me a while back.  The pieces were finished on the sides but they were cut short on the length.  Therefore they were a good bit smaller than your traditional dish cloth.  Oh my, a Pink Lemonade opportunity.

Since the toweling was red I decided to go with a "holiday" theme and made one for Christmas, Valentines and July 4th. I added about 4 inches of cotton fabric to each end of the red toweling.  I attached it the same way you do the binding edge of a pillow case so all of the seams are on the inside.  (If you don't know how to do this search on You Tube for making a pillowcase and there are tons of videos.)  I then added some detail to one side of the towel. Along the edge of the seam where the toweling and cotton fabric are joined I added a decorative stitch.  This is a simple detail and makes the seam lay flat.

Three holiday dish towels

 On the Christmas towel I added a button wreath. (Use up that button stash I have!)

 The July 4th towel I appliqued some simple stars.  Applique is a great way to add some interest.

The Valentines towel has a heart machine embroidered in variegated thread.  I also added a button to the middle of the heart. (Once again, use up that button stash!)

As I work on more projects for this craft fair I will share my "Pink Lemonade" opportunities.  I always find that my creative juices flow better when I use what items are on hand rather than purchasing specific supplies for a project. 


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