Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmast Countdown - 18 days left!

Now that you have some projects completed let’s get them wrapped and ready to put
under the tree. Today’s project is gift tags. Since this project is high on the recycle
and repurpose meter you should have all of the supplies in your craft room.
A few years ago we finally went through all of our files and did a major purge. We
had tons of left over folders with worn out tabs but the body of the folder was still in
good shape. Since I am a frugal person it is hard for me to toss out such good
material. I cut the body of the folders into tags of several sizes. (If your folder has
printing on the inside be sure to cut around it.) When I was finished I had a rather
large stack of tags.
Using my tiny fabric scraps (yes I keep these and now I know why) I pinked the
edges and glued them onto the tags. I kept all of the fabric in the same color family
and created tag sets of 4 – 6 tags in each set. I punched a hole in the top and
using left over fabric strips (yes I keep these also) I attached a string to each tag.
Some of the tags I added the hole protector sticker to give it one final detail but
others I left the plain. Either look works well. On some of the tags I stamped a
phrase or word (i.e. for you, celebrate, joy etc.)
Here are some I made:
Each group has 4 tags included.  I used either all of the same color family
or coordinating fabrics.

Some I stamped using a simple message that is appropriate for many occasions.
Using your Christmas colored fabrics, paper or washi tape you can create tags in a
flash. When used with simple gift wrap or a solid colored gift bag they add a little
extra “wow” factor. They also make great small gifts to include for teachers,
coworkers etc., who can’t use gift tags.
If you don’t have a stack of old file folders you can cut cardstock in any color and
make tags in a rainbow of colors.
If you have larger pieces of Christmas fabric you want to use you can stitch the
fabric to the tag. Using a zig zag stitch go around the edges of the fabric. Be sure
to use an old needle if you have one since this process will dull the needle. Matching the
thread color to the fabric will give you a unified look but if you use a contrasting color it
can make your fabric really pop.
Here is a sample of one I made using a Christmas panel fabric:
The fabric was stitched onto red construction paper using a zig zag stitch.  This was
one of the left over tags I glued to a small box (purchased at the Dollar Tree). 
This makes a great size for very small gifts or gift cards.

I did add some French knots out of embroidery thread to the center to give
the tags an added dimensional look.  You could use buttons or small bead
and glue them onto the fabric. 
Go grab your old folders, fabric and paper scraps and create a beautiful tag for all
your gifts under the tree.

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