Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Reversible Scrabble Tile Necklaces

Creating unique jewelry pieces is one of my favorite crafts.  So when I started making Scrabble tile necklaces it was an opportunity to make each one unique.  They are fairly quick to make since they are small.  Every necklace is like a tiny piece of artwork.  I enjoy the journey of picking colors, small objects or words to add etc. (Did I tell you that these are one of my favorite crafts?)

Recently I had a request for a necklace with a particular letter so that it could be worn on either side.  Here are several I made.

This is a small group of the over 60 tiles I recently created.

This is the back of the above group.
I used a scrap of paper, fingernail stickers and a rub on to create this tile.

This paper already had the glitter.  I wasn't sure how it would work but it turned out very well.

Background is a dictionary page, flower cut out and nail sticker.

Sometimes a simple word can add just the right detail.
Each is a unique creation, and with the ability to wear the necklace on either side it gives you two necklaces in one.  I just love it when you can get two things in one.  It makes my frugal heart sing a joyful song. 
Scrapbook paper and nail stickers.

The reverse of the above.

Paper, flower cut out and small flower punch.

Reverse of the above.

Just scrapbook paper and jewels.

Reverse of the above.

A great selection.
So go to your game closet dust off the Scrabble game and secretly take it to your craft room.  Or, if your family still uses your game check out local garage sales or thrift stores.  Then you can create a two in one necklace.



Saturday, May 10, 2014

Picture Book Pennants

Working in the library for years allowed me the opportunity to overcome my anxiety of throwing away books.  Once this hurdle was cleared weeding the library became refreshing.  Creating space for new books that students were excited about reading was the goal.  Therefore the discard cart began to grow and grow.

But, the crafty side of me had a hard time actually taking them from the discard cart to the recycle bin.  My mind would race with ideas of what these treasured books could be used to create.  I once shredded book pages to use as filler in table centerpieces for a band fundraiser.  Some of the students who came to the library frequently were mortified that Mrs. Webber would shred books.  I assured them they were not books that they or anyone else had checked out in years.

I no longer work in the school library but every time I visit our librarian and she has a cart of discarded books I always take the opportunity to grab a few.  (Okay, maybe a box is not a few)  This year I needed a decoration for my classroom to celebrate Spring and I created a bunting using picture and chapter book pages.  See Spring is Here! for the details of my creation.

As I was looking at the few (box full) of books I had snagged I thought what if I created a pennant using the picture book pages.  One of the Kindergarten teachers has always admired my colorful pennants in my classroom.  This gave me a reason to create the picture book pennant.  Here is the final product.

Sorry for the bad photo.  It was hard to get the full length in the picture.
I used a book that had very colorful pages and very little text.  This allowed for the pennants to be double sided.  On one side I added letters cut from chapter books that spelled out "Kindergarten Rocks".  When I gave it to the Kindergarten teacher she was thrilled. 

I spelled out Kindergarten Rocks
The other side is just the colorful picture book
The view of her classroom windows.  This makes me smile every time I walk by.
As my crafty side continues to grow and overtake my more rational side I am sure there will be many more creations made from discarded library books.  They are perfect for the creative mind to explore possibilities.  They are usually free or very inexpensive and have a vast potential for a multitude of projects.  Check out your libraries discard shelf and see what creative treasures you find.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring is here!

Spring in Texas is not a very long season.  It usually goes from very cold days to rather hot days in a very short time.  This year we have been fortunate and blessed with some beautiful spring days.  The mornings are cool and the sun has been shining, but the temperature has remained in the 70 degree range.

Since I have been trying to decorate my classroom door for the various holidays and seasons this year I decided to create something for Spring.  Even if it is a short season outside we can at least pretend inside that it does exist somewhere. 

As I posted earlier I have been using the bottom half of my door for this purpose.  So I did not need an abundance of decorations.  I wanted something that would be simple yet unique.  The bunting for Saint Patricks Day looked so nice I chose to use the idea again for the Spring season.  This bunting I created using discarded books from the school library.  Here is the finished door.

The bunting spells out the word Spring.  The bunny, chick and flowers are wooden pieces I found on sale last year.

The pennants are made from chapter book pages so they are black and white.  The letters are made from picture books and are more colorful.

To show my appreciation to the librarian for sharing her discarded books I made one for her that says Library.
The door turned out really well.  It is amazing what you can do with a little bit of paper, glue and a whole dash of creativity.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Senior Year What a Busy Time!

It is hard to believe that our last child is a senior in high school.  How quickly you forget the busy schedule and the long list of things that have to be done during that year.  Our daughter graduated three years ago so I have had just enough time to forget all of the craziness.

We only have a few weeks left before graduation and the to do list is still growing.  This weekend was senior recital.  Our son plays percussion in the band.  He has been fortunate to have a large group of encouragers that have watched him grow not only as a young man but in his musical endeavors.  Sunday he had a recital at our church to give something back to those that have walked with him on this great journey.  The performance was incredible.  Words can not describe our gratitude for all those who attended and those who were unable to come.  As a mother I am deeply grateful that God has surrounded my kids with loving and encouraging people. 

My posts may be rather slim and random over the next few weeks as we wind down this senior year and close this chapter of our lives.  But we are excited about the new chapter that will be opening with two kids in college.  I look forward to new beginnings not only for our children but for our family.

Thanks for being patient with the ramblings of a mother and I promise I will try to keep them to a minimum.