Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Countdown - 11 days left!

One aspect of quilting and sewing that I love is that they are timeless arts.  I relish in the fact that there are traditional patterns that have been used for a hundred years.  One quilt pattern I enjoy using in a variety of projects is the Yo-Yo.

Put simply a quilting Yo-Yo is a circle of fabric gathered in the middle to form a rosette.  Then these yo-yo's are placed side by side and whip stitched together.  There are many different patterns that can be created using the yo-yo design.  Connecting Threads has a good tutorial on the traditional pattern and how to figure the size circle you start with to create your yo-yo. 

One project I made was a small yo-yo pillow that I use on my couch during the fall.

I used various green, blue and beige fabrics to create a scrappy look for my pillow.

The yo-yo's measure ~1 3/4"
To create a yo-yo quilt (even a baby quilt) is very time consuming.  Well worth the effort but for a smaller project that can be taken with you anywhere a pillow is a good place to start.  I pack the cut circles with needle and thread in a bag that is easy to grab on the way to the dentist, doctors appointment or waiting for my kids to get out of  practice.  This project is one that is completely hand sewn. 

I have not tried the yo-yo makers that quilt shops sell today but the Connecting Threads site has a video tutorial on the device.  I appreciate the traditional art of hand sewing.  There is something therapeutic about sitting and sewing that reminds me to slow down.  Too many times today we are in such a hurry to finish a project that we miss the joy in the journey. 

For a change of pace take the time to explore some traditional patterns and projects and enjoy the journey.


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