Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Items 27 - 30 (No Scraps Left Behind)

The last four items in I created in this great experiment were the Bag Tags and Pacifer Strap. 

For the pacifer strap I pieced a patchwork strip and sewed it together to make a tube.  Then I stiched around the outside edge turning in the ends for a finshed look.  Lastly I added a snap at one end and a keyring with clip to the other. 

The bag tags were larger pieces stacked with quilt batting sandwiched in between and cut with pinking sheers to give an edge that would not ravel.  I also stitched 1/4 inch in from  the outside edge all the way around.   I stitched a piece of muslin to the center with the baby's name stamped in Staz-On Permanent Ink.  A gromet was inset into the top of each tag so a clip could be attached.

Bag Tags and Pacifer Strap

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Items 4 - 26 (No Scraps Left Behind )

 Thank You Notes, Small Note Cards, Gift Tags, Bookmarks and Mats

Thank You Note Cards
On the quilt I appliqued the name and flowers to the solid white section.  I used fusible webbing to apply the appliques.  After cutting out the letters and flowers I had a pile of scraps that had the fusible webbing on the back.  The note cards, tags and bookmarks were the easiest items I made in this great experiment.

I used the same process to make all of these items.  I gathered the fabric scraps with the fusible webbing on the back and let the shape of the scraps dictate each piece.  I fused the pieces onto white cardstock with an iron set to the cotton setting.  I then stamped the greeting on the front.  The inside of the cards were left blank. 

I was trying to attempt a modern "less is more" type feel for the Thank You Cards using the larger scraps and fewer shapes.  The note cards, tags and bookmarks were more from the "Confetti" more playful approach.  For the mats my approach was to have something for Mom and Dad.  In the future I might add some type of edging to give the fused pieces a more finished look on the mats.

Since making these I can see limtless possibilities for using up my rather large scrap pile from previous applique projects. This is a great way to use up every little piece from a project and create something that anyone can use.  The best part is it will coordinate with the original project.  So remember this trick the next time you use fusible webbing to create a project.  Save the scraps!

I would love to hear your ideas and comments.

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