Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Countdown - 3 days left!

As I have mentioned before my husband does custom picture framing. He had a full time business for over 10 years but with the slow economy he now does it part time.

As with any creative process there are scraps left from projects. Picture framing is no exception. He takes his smaller pieces of board and cuts them into standard frame size mats. You can also purchase these at the craft store.

We have taken these mats and added some embellishment. Using everything from fabric, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper and chalkboard labels. Here are a few examples.

This is a small sampling of embellishments we have added.

This is wrapping paper that I cut out and glued in opposite corners. 
Since the wrapping paper is flat this could be put under glass.

I used a scrapbooking cut out, ribbon, various papers and metal squares on this mat.  With the dimension of the ribbon and metal squares it would not be able to go under glass.

The heart is cut from an old quilt and then stitched around the edges.

Using an vintage quilt makes this perfect for a baby's room.

If your mat will be used under glass be sure to keep the embellishments flat. If you are going to display the mat on an easel or add ribbon to hang on the wall you can add dimensional embellishments. This project is simple and can add another layer of detail to a favorite photograph.

These would make great gifts for new parents, newlyweds, grandparents, graduation and much more.  Adding the perfect picture will complete this gift.  Hopefully you are getting close to completing your gifts for everyone on your list.  Only a few more days.


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