Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Countdown - 2 days left!

2 days left! Wait, only 2 days until Christmas? But I am not finished with all my projects. Ready or not here is another chalkboard project. Trivets, you know those things you put under a hot dish on your table. I made some of various sizes.

The tiles I used were left from a stack someone had given me. The largest one was actually buried under ice when I ask my husband to dig it out. He was kind enough to brave the cold, he is the best! After letting the tiles warm up a bit, I washed them well and lightly sanded the top.

The chalkboard paint worked well on these. Full directions on making your own paint are here at 16 days left. They would look nice on a buffet table to help identify Aunt Linda’s favorite tamales. The large one I put on my front porch and wrote a greeting to welcome my guests.

The tiles were a beige color before I painted them.

This is the large one I put on my porch.  The greeting was from our ice storm a few weeks ago.  Since then it has rained several times, I think the last time it finally smeared my chalk.

So ask the sweet helper in your house to dig out those extra tiles left from the last tile project to create your own chalkboard trivets.


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