Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Countdown - 16 days left!

Chalkboard is all the rage right now.  So I thought I would give it a try.  Since we have been iced in here in Texas for the last four days, (school out again today) I have had plenty of time to craft. 

I decided I needed to get the supplies on the way home Thursday, the first day of the ice storm.  But I did not want to stop by the craft or hardware store so I made my own chalkboard paint.  After looking at several blogs and websites I found a couple of different directions that I put together.

I used 2 oz tubes of acrylic paint from Walmart (where I stopped to get my groceries for the ice days), and non-sanded grout.  I had the grout left over from a re-tile project this summer.  Here is the "recipe". 
  1. Two 2oz tubes of acrylic paint
  2. One Tablespoon of grout. 
  3. Place ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly.  The mixing is what took the longest.  You want to get out as many of the lumps of grout as possible. 
  4. Prepare your items to paint as you normally would for acrylic paint. I lightly sanded the plates.
  5. Paint your items in thin layers.  I used a minimum of 3 layers for each item I painted.
  6. After paint is completely dry. Rub lightly with white chalk to "prime" the chalkboard.  Then wipe with a damp cloth.  Now your chalkboard is ready to use.
One last note on the paint mixture.  Only make up enough paint to use on your projects.  After about 3 days the grout begins to harden and the mixture will not work as well.  I went a little crazy and my husband was afraid I might chalkboard the whole house.  I assured him I did not have enough paint.  This time!

Below are a couple of the pieces I "chalked".  I did several more but they are Christmas presents so I will post those later. 

This is a platter I hang above my stove in my kitchen.  I purchased it at a garage sale for 75 cents. It is one of my favorites but it was in need of a face lift. 

Here it is after I painted the center with my chalkboard paint.  It is so fun now.  It really gave my platter new life.
The white plate was one from my everyday dishes that had a crack.  I will probably use this on my porch to greet my guests.  The silver platter I have had in the closet for several years.  I never could figure out anything to use it for.  Now I think it would be really cute on a mantel or hanging on the wall.  Now I just have to find the right place.

So, go dig in your cupboards, thrift store or buy inexpensive plates at the dollar store and add new life to them.  These would make great gifts for someone with a new home, or to announce the arrival of a baby or greet guests in your own home.

Chalk it up!


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