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My name is Danna and I have always lived in a creative household.  I am the daughter of two creative people: my dad is a watercolor artist, my mom is a writer and amateur musician.  I got genes from both.  I have been crafting all my life and I still sing in the church choir.  I enjoy doing paper crafts, making jewelry, sewing, and quilting.

Today I live in a creative household with my husband of 26 years and my two college-age kids.  My craft/sewing room is my happy place and most of the time I enjoy solitude in this room.  My husband is a musician, so while I craft I can hear him playing piano or guitar.  My daughter plays violin and often joins me in making jewelry.  My son is a percussionist.  If he is home, the house shakes from his happy sounds.

I started my Pink Lemonade blog as a place to share my creative adventures and encourage others to find their creative passions.  I believe everyone is creative, and I enjoy calling-forth the creativity in others.  This year I started "crafts night out" events.  I travel to a hostess' home and haul in all the supplies for making one or two crafts.  The hostess provides refreshments and invites a dozen guests.  Everyone has a fun girl's night out and I go home with money in my pocket so I can feed my own creative habits.

I am an organized creative person, using both right brain and left brain skills--how else would I organize all those supplies and get to the party on time?  By day I run a computer lab for an elementary school so my people skills are put to the test on a daily basis.  By day's end, I am longing for a bit of solitude in my happy place.  After dinner and chores, then a couple of hours in my craft/sewing room, I am ready to face whatever the next day brings.

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