Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Girl Can Never Have Enough Scarves

Okay, okay maybe I do have a scarf addiction.  But please do not try to do an intervention.  I wear all my scarves so I am not neglecting anyone of them.  This latest scarf is made using the same process as several of my other yarn scarves. Click New Scarves - Superbowl Fun to see the process and other variations.

I love the variegated look of this scarf.
This yarn I purchased at my local dollar store, so yes, the yarn was only $1.00 for the skein.  Using the same method as above I looped the yarn back and forth and then stitched down the center.  The scarf is super soft and very light weight.  The length of the scarf is slightly shorter than the ones above and not quite as full.  I like the fact that it drapes nicely and feels warm and cozy but still lightweight.  In Texas we can get up with temperatures below freezing and by the time I leave school it is 70 degrees.  So this scarf is perfect for the unpredictable weather.
It was only $1.00 for the skein.

The yarn has these loops about every 8 - 10 inches
It only takes about 30 to 45 minutes to make these scarves (word to the wise take the time to roll your yarn into a ball or it can take all day to make one.)  I am always on the look out for interesting yarn for this scarf pattern so, for a dollar I certainly could not pass up this skein.  I went to several other locations of the dollar store and was unable to find any more of this yarn  Reminder to self - if you are standing in the store and you have an idea that you think is a good one and the supplies are only a dollar - buy two!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Repurposed T-shirt scarf Tutorial

I love, love, love scarves.  I have a closet full of them and still want more.  The fact that you can dress up even the simplest blouse or t-shirt by just adding a scarf is remarkable to me.  So, I am always looking for new and different ways to make scarves. I came across this scarf a while back and decided to give it a try.  Upcycling Your Promotional Products

Here is my version of the t-shirt scarf

One of the main reasons I was intrigued by this scarf was the fact that since it was made from t-shirt material it can be worn even in the summer.  I know in Texas that seems crazy but some places I go the air conditioning works really well and I get cold even with the 110 degrees outside. 

I had the tie dyed t-shirts left over from making these scarves Scarf Crazy - Fun and Funky. The tie dyed fabric gives the scarf a little more depth and is just plain fun.  To add some extra detailing I appliqued several flowers in various locations on the scarf using raw edge applique.

The flower appliques work well to break up
the straight lines of the scarf.

Stacking the flowers is also a great way to use up the last scraps.
I have created a PDF pattern and tutorial for my sizing and variation of this type of scarf.  You can search and find hundreds of really cool ideas using the same theme. The PDF is here Repurposed T-Shirt Scarf
So if you love scarves and are looking for a way to use up (or preserve) those old t-shirts give this pattern a try.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Baby Wipes Box to the Rescue

Several weeks ago we had a plumbing issue with out kitchen sink.  As do most people I keep my soap packets for the dishwasher under the sink.  The plumbing issue had water all under the sink right where I keep my dishwasher soap.  If they had been in the original cardboard box they would have all been ruined. But under the sink would have been squeaky clean.  Since I keep mine in an old baby wipes container they were safe and sound.

My baby wipes box saved the day!

The dishwasher packets safe and sound.
I think in honor of the wipes box saving the day I need to give it a face lift.  Maybe I could put the word "SOAP" on the front in vinyl.  What clever ideas do you use old baby wipe containers for?  Share a comment below with your great ideas.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ice Days in Texas!

Today we are all home because there is ice covering our area.  Now all those people up North and in the mountains think that Texans are crazy to cancel school and everything else just because we have half an inch of white on the ground.  But you have to realize that we are not trained to drive or walk on anything cold.  Also our white is typically solid ice not snow and there is a difference.

My husband and I went to Walmart late yesterday to get something from the hardware department (hoping it would fix our broken dryer) and while there I thought it might be a good idea to pick up some extra groceries.  When I approached the bread isle I started laughing.  Here is why:

The bread isle at the local Walmart
This is the bread isle and at 3:00 in the afternoon it was practically empty.  You would think that they were predicting a major blizzard that would have us all home bound for a month.  The forecast is only for one maybe two days.  So, I guess in Texas if you are going to be home due to icy weather you must eat lots of toast or sandwiches. 
The icy weather has given me the time to schedule several posts on the blog and update my new Etsy page - check the top of the sidebar for the link to my Etsy page.   Keep watching in the next few days there will be lots of new crafting ideas and a challenge and contest starting the first of March.
I hope you and you family where ever you live are safe and warm.  As far as Texas goes it is chilly outside but toasty inside.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Budget Friendly Fun Valentines for a Large Group

I enjoy giving even a small token to my coworkers on holidays but working in a school makes that list somewhat extensive.  So I am always looking for ways to create something fun and unique on a budget of nothing or very little money.  This year I came across a really cute Origami Heart Bookmark.  Not only is the bookmark a folded heart but it is a corner bookmark which I thought was really fun and unique.

The corner bookmark Valentine

I created my bookmarks out of old book pages (you know how I love old book projects) so the only cost for the Valentines was a little bit of my time and a pack of index cards.  I enjoy this kind of project because I can do it in front of the TV.  The folding of the origami is slightly complex but once you have done 4 - 5 you can really go to town.  Here is a great tutorial video that I watched to learn how to fold the bookmarks.

You can start with any size square, the larger the square the larger your bookmark.  I made my squares approximately 3" x 3".  I chose this size based on the book pages I was using since the pages had two columns.  This allowed me to get 6 squares per page.

The only change I made to my bookmarks was the addition of a colored heart punched from picture book pages.  I wanted mine to have a definite Valentine's feel and thought the colored heart added that special touch.
I added a colored heart to the center of my bookmarks.

I made about 100 of these and then placed them on a 3x5 index card with my greeting stamped on the card.  So the only cost for my Valentines for the whole school was $1.00 and some time.  They turned out to be really cute. 

A large pile of bookmarks ready to be put on cards.

The center stamp is hard to read but it says Happy Valentine's Day

I stamped READ on the same angle as the bookmark.

They would make a great gift for a book club, classroom or for those friends who enjoy a good book.  Did you create something special for your family and friends this Valentine's Day? If you did please share a comment below and tell me about your project.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Pinterest Pin I Use Most Often

When I started on Pinterest I was excited and blown away by the sheer volume of ideas the site held.  Since then it has increased tenfold.  Like you I am on Pinterest searching for new ideas and inspiration.  I get excited when I come across a pin that stokes the creative fire that burns deep within.

But, the pin I probably use more on a daily basis than any other is a little surprising.  It is a pin about taking plastic grocery bags and folding them into a football shape.  Can you believe that is what I use the most?  Of all the pins on my boards oozing with creative ideas this is the one that stands out.

Plastic bag footballs!

Maybe it is because at the time I found the pin I was struggling with keeping the plastic bags I put in my car for various uses from taking over the car door and trunk.  I liked having the extra bags in the car for that trip to the store when the shampoo decided to leak everywhere but they were taking over and needed to be corralled in a smaller place.

By folding the bags into footballs they fit nicely in your purse, car door, lunch bag or desk drawer.  Now I always have an extra bag and it takes up very little space as it waits for the next use.

What is your favorite pin?  Did it spark a creative idea or did it organize an area of your life that was out of control?  Share a comment below so we can all share in the joys of that favorite Pinterest pin.  Oh, and be sure to follow me on Pinterst who knows what favorite I will find soon.

Danna Webber on Pinterest
Football Plastic Bag Folding Pin


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Handmade Valentine Book Cover Signs

Are you looking for a new way to spread the love of Valentines Day?  Check out these cute book cover signs.  They are made the same way as the Christmas Signs. 

The letters are cut from paint chip cards.

I used the original edging of this cover with the two toned effect.

Need a place to put all those Valentines, this sign would be the perfect place.
For the top cover I used paint chip cards and cut out the lettering.  The paint chip cards were large cards so the letters fit easily.  The center of the sign I placed a chipboard heart with beading I purchased from my local craft store and placed a white feather behind it to soften the look.  The edges are ribbon.
The heart is a chipboard pre-made purchase.
The next sign I liked the way the original cover had the two toned effect with the wide edging.  I used this to aid in the layout of the sign.  The large hearts are paper and the smaller red hearts are wooden.  The scripture verse graphic was surrounded by scrapbook paper and buttons. 
This sign hangs on my classroom door along with the playing card garland.
The last sign was created as a place to show off all the Valentines I received.  The book cover was painted white and I glued a large paper doilie to the center.  The burlap ribbon topped with a smaller red ribbon gave me the foundation to glue the small clothes pins on.  The small red hearts and buttons attached to the clothes pins adds just the right final touch. 
Now I can show off my sweet Valentines.

Even the Valentines I give myself like this one.
So create your book cover sign and spread the love in your home or office.  For a garland to accompany your sign check out the Paper Doilie Garland and Playing Card Garland posts.  Post a picture or comment below for others to share in your creative love.

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Prayer Box: A Special Gift

For Christmas a dear friend gave me a precious gift - a Prayer Box.  It is a beautiful vintage tin box with a soft blue floral d├ęcor.  Although the box is attractive on the outside it is the contents that are precious.  Inside are various handwritten and printed scriptures and quotes.

My Prayer Box is a vintage tin.
A Prayer Box is an ongoing gift.  Each time you come across a passage of scripture that stirs your heart or you read a quote that makes you think you put a copy in the box.  My friend was kind enough to take the time to hand write some of the notes so not only do I have the scripture or quote I have it in her own hand.  That is an extra blessing beyond measure.
Inside are scriptures, hymns and hand written quotes.
Every week I take a note from the box and make it my focus of prayer for the coming days.  During my reflection of the passage I am not only encouraged by the uplifting words but it brings a smile to my face as I remember that I am loved dearly by God and my friend.
I am searching now for a box to prepare for my daughter when she moves away from home and for other dear friends.  As I search for the right containers I am also gathering my favorite scripture passages and quotes to add to their box and my own.
Some  notes are handwritten and others are printed.
This would make a great wedding gift for a young couple to remind them to hold dearly to the love they share.  At a shower you could ask guests to write or bring with them their favorite scripture or encouraging words.
This gift is one of the best gifts I have ever received.  The gift of encouragement and love is held in each note.  Begin today preparing a Prayer Box for you, your family and dear friends.  I have gathered some of my favorite scriptures to get you started click on the link Prayer Box Cards to print them out and add to your boxes.  Everyone can use a little more prayer each and every day.

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