Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Countdown - 21 more days!

There is something special about receiving a handwritten note from a friend. Too many times today we opt for the quick email, text message or social media post to keep in touch with friends and family. So, on those rare occasions when you open your mail box (the one at the curb not your computer) and it contains a note it really brightens your day. Electronic messages are not bad, but they can become somewhat routine, leaving out that creative, personal touch. To go even further up the “let me make your day meter” send a note on a handmade note card and watch the smiles grow bigger and bigger.

Handmade note cards are very simple and a ton of fun to create. I usually start with either blank note cards I have purchased or make my own from plain cardstock. There is no shortage of ideas or supplies to embellish your notes with all of the scrapbooking materials available today. But don’t forget to keep in mind using everyday things like old postage stamps, tissue paper, newspapers and yes, even fabric scraps.

When making your notes keep these design ideas in mind:
  • Keep the design and embellishments flat if you want to be able to mail the note card.
  • Let the color of your cardstock be the background for your note card. This allows the items you selected to embellish with stand out.
  • Leave the inside blank so any kind of note can be written.
  • A set of 4 – 6 notes is the perfect size.
Below are a few notes I made using stamps, washi tape, and ironed on fabric scraps. Check out the notes and tags I made in the No Scraps Left Behind series .

These were made with my quilting friends in mind.  They are small white notes I purchased and then added washi tape to the bottom and stamped the phrases from a quilting stamp set I have.  The flowers are colored paper cut  with a punch.  The extra detail I added was the thimble stamp on the front of each envelope.  The set has six notes, 3 of each phrase.
These notes are the same size as above and from the same set I purchased.  I added fabric scraps (literally) to the front of each card and then stamped the words around the fabric.  The scraps already had Wonder Under adhesive bond on the back so I simply ironed the fabric to the cards.
On most of the cards I used the odd shapes that were created from cutting out applique items. On this card I decided to create familiar shapes.  You don't have to stay in the "normal" range of shapes or objects.  Try something outside the box.  You might be amazed at what you create. 
These small personal gifts are great for teachers, coworkers, stocking stuffers or just about anyone on your list. Don’t forget to make a set for yourself so you can surprise a friend during the new year with a personal handmade note from you.

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