Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Countdown - 14 days left!

There are so many humorous quotes and sayings out today I thought it would be fun to make one into a necklace.  This allows you to wear your humor on the outside.

My necklace describes my addiction to all things Dr. Pepper.  I do not drink coffee in the morning I have a large glass of the only soft drink that should be allowed - Dr. Pepper.  In fact I have been known to fuss at the store clerk if their fountain is out of Dr. Pepper.  Which in the state of Texas should be against the law as far as I am concerned.  My family and friends will all tell you that I am not functional in the mornings until I have had at least a sip of DP.

So, here is my sentiment on Dr. Pepper ---

Now, I know some of you would change this to Diet Coke but you would be wrong.
I used the same method to create my Dr. Pepper pendant as I used in my Proud Band Mom Necklace.  The instructions are listed in detail on that post.
If you search Pinterest and images on the internet you will come up with countless ideas.  I just happened to love this one because it describes me soooooo well.
Adding some humor to your wardrobe can be fun if it is done in a subtle way.  No, I did not say it was okay to wear those crazy socks with your frilly skirt, unless of course you can pull that off.
My good friend Kay says that the world needs more laughter and I could not agree more.  Sometimes we take life much too seriously.  I would love to hear some of your favorite humorous sayings, post them below for all to see.
Keep laughing!

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