Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Proud Band Mom Jewelry

My son, who is a senior, plays percussion in the high school band. We are in the last week of football games and I have mixed emotions about our last game. While it has been a fun ride for the last four years I am ready to move to the next stage in life. Our daughter is a junior in college so this is our last high school kid.

Over the years of attending football games and band competitions I have seen my fair share of “Band Mom” t shirts and jewelry. I would look at certain items and think “Oh, that is cute, but look 14 other Mom’s have it on today.” I wanted something that was unique to my son and would be a memento that would represent this time in our lives. Also, I wanted something that was a little more understated than some of the jewelry available.

Here is what I created, a necklace with a picture of my son in his band uniform.

The picture is glued onto a wooden domino to create a unique creation. I added the words “Band Mom” and a small jewel for a little more detail.

The process to make this necklace is fairly simple.
1. Print the picture onto plain white paper the size of your domino. I created a rectangle shape in MS Word that was the correct size and inserted the picture.
2. Glue the picture to the domino and let it dry completely.
3. Add any words or other items, (i.e. jewels etc.) and let them dry completely.
4. Cover the top of the picture with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. This provides a hardened surface that will stand up to wear and tear. It also gives the piece a very professional finish.
5. Glue on a jewelry finding to string a chain through and you are done.

This necklace will be a keepsake that I can look back on and remember our fun years in high school band and exactly what my son looked like at that age.


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