Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - Easy Decorating #17

The packaged ornaments of glittered words that you can find almost anywhere are very attractive on a tree.  But, they also have another decorating use.  Attach them as a single adornment on just about anything and they really make a statement.

Attached with tape to the rim of the
apothecary jar adds a special touch.
They are easy to use because of the string hanger and are lightweight so you can use tape to secure them to whatever you like.  Or simply rest them against a larger piece for a nice table or mantel scape.
Leaned against the birdcage is the simple reminder about the season.

Used in a monochromatic setting can add impact.
Since mine are in a silver glitter I rearrange them after Christmas and use them with my winter décor.  Check out this previous post Winter Living Room Decor for more ideas.  Using the color scheme of blue, white and silver for winter makes the glitter really stand out.
So the next time you need a simple decoration for your holiday table grab those glittered words and get creative.  Only 17 days left!

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