Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - Another Paper Tree #13

If you liked the previous post with the cupcake liner tree you will also like today's variation.  This one is made with the Styrofoam cone in the center but covered in scrapbook paper circles.

Circles from scrapbook paper create this fun tree.
Each circle is secured with a pin and sequin.
The paper used in the above tree is more like a thin card stock.  When my friend made the tree she had trouble getting the circles to curve so she ran them over the edge of the table to help them conform to the shape.  Each circle is secured with a straight pin and sequin in the center of the circle.  My friend  also suggests using a small dot of glue on the sequin to secure the pin in place.  Her version has a tendency for the pins to pull out if you move the tree. 
Using a variety of papers gives the tree a playful fun side but it would look equally cute in just one colored paper.  Create your festive version of this tree using all your left over scrapbook paper and impress your friends and family.  Only 13 days left!

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