Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - Paper, Glue & Ribbon #20

To decorate for the holidays you don't need any special supplies.  You can create unique décor with paper, glue and ribbon.  Again this year at my school we are having a door decorating contest for Christmas.  Since I do not have many craft supplies at school I challenged myself to dress up my door using what I had on hand.  Yes we have lots of paper and glue in an elementary school.  The ribbon I had in the cabinet.  Here is my door.

I have always wanted to use just red and aqua.
This was the perfect opportunity since we had no green.
The letters are cut from discarded book pages and then embellished with polka dots and stripes.  The backing for each letter is card stock wrapped in red paper.  I used the card stock inside so it would have a little more weight and hold the shape better.
The book pages added an extra dimension to the letters.

The stripes were cut out of paper with scrapbooking scissors
and glued on.  They are not perfect but that just adds more character.

Okay, the polka dots were just fun!
The Christmas balls were cut from book pages and then adorned with colored paper to resemble real decorated Christmas balls.  I left them loose so they would provide some movement to the door.  They are only secured by the ribbon taped to the back.
The Christmas balls are loose to provide some movement.

The swirls were a little bit challenging but turned out pretty well.
The paper garland down each side was the finishing touch.  Overall I really like the way it turned out.  I can't wait to see all the different ideas each class will create.  So grab your paper, glue and ribbon to decorate a door in your home this year.  This would be a great idea for an area that you normally don't decorate.  Remember only 20 days left!

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