Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - Paper Clip Flags #5

For the teachers and staff at my school this year I made Paper Clip Flags.  The flags are easy to make and are economical to create for large groups.

Paper clip flags are easy to make.
To assemble the flags simply cut a ribbon approximately 3 1/2" long and tie around the end of the paper clip.  When you attach the paper clip to the paper the flag will extend beyond the edge and be easily found in a stack of papers.  These are great for teachers because they constantly have stacks of papers on their desks.  Whether it is papers to grade, send home or next weeks spelling list there is always something that needs to be found quickly.
The fun part of making these for the teachers and staff was the packaging.  At our Holiday Fair this year one idea they gave was to take the small solo type cups from the dollar store and decorate them to resemble a Santa suit.
Isn't this the cutest idea.
The small cups were found at the Dollar Tree.
To make the Santa suit design I used a 1/4" washi tape in black.  The yellow buckle is cut from peel and stick vinyl.  I was able to make about 45 of these for only a few dollars.  I placed 8 paper clip flags in each cup.  I used ribbon I had on hand but it probably took about 4  spools of ribbon to make enough for 45 cups.

Each cup has 8 paper clip flags enclosed.

Simply wrapped in a fold and lock baggie, tied with
a raffia ribbon and a cute tag attached.

I made about 45 of these for my school staff.

All bagged and ready to distribute. 
The teachers and staff loved the small packages and hopefully it will help them find those important papers on their busy desks.  These would also be great for office coworkers.  Everyone can use a little help finding items on their desk.  Only 5 days left!

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