Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - Sharpies to the Rescue #3

Ready or not Christmas is only a few days away.  No, I am not ready.  I still have lots of projects to finish so I am always looking for a quicker way to do things.  I like to use small wooden shapes in some of my projects but do not like to get out the paints to paint only a few.  So the other day I found some small wooden Christmas stockings and lights.

These are the thin balsa wood type shapes with no color.
The shapes needed some color so instead of getting down all the paints I grabbed my Sharpie pens and started coloring.  The Sharpie provides a solid color but still allows the wood grain to show through.
The white top of the stocking was done with a Sharpie paint pen.

I used regular Sharpies in green and red,
the silver is a metallic and the white is a paint pen.

The metallic Sharpies work well on the wood shapes
to give a little more depth.

I am not sure what I will do with these shapes yet but they have much more character than the unpainted originals.  I think it would be cute to add some glitter to the tops of the stockings to give them a little more sparkle.

Just a thought on how you can speed up some of your crafting process if you are wanting to add color to wooden shapes.  Only 3 days left!


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