Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Living Room Decor

Each year when I take down my Christmas decorations I change my living room to reflect the winter season.  Usually when I change the décor the only snow we see is on our mantel and around the room.  This year in our part of Texas we have had a lot of snow (well, for us anyway).  Even as I am preparing this post I keep checking the local news to see if the schools will be closed tomorrow due to bad weather. 

My winter theme is a mix of blues and greens with snowflakes and snowmen dotted throughout.  Below are some pictures.

This is my mantel.  (Sorry for the glare from the lights)
A vintage cigarette case opened becomes the backdrop for a snowflake ornament,
three glass drawer pulls and the a glittered Joy in silver.

At each end are small vignettes using my white birdhouses, a snowflake tree topper, 
metal cake mold, snowman and joy ornaments and picture frames.

This vignette has a simple silver vase with glittered snowflakes, an oil lamp,
bird house, ornaments and frame.  The frames stay on my mantel year round.  They have clear glass in them which makes it easy to attach items.  Look at my Fall mantel with leaves attached.

This is on top of my entertainment center.  I used primarily white and blue for this setting.

An up close look at the glittered Joy ornaments.  These were on clearance after Christmas
one year and I thought they were the perfect sentiment for a New Year!

The small blue plate is from a child's tea set.  On top is a silver piece from a candle set.  The glass jar in the back is filled with chandelier crystals.

This is a several of my favorite pieces.  The wooden birdhouse is loved for the carving, the small angel is made from painters canvas and the larger angel was a gift from a dear friend.  These items make me smile each time I look at them.  The funny looking ceramic piece is a pot foot turned upside down.  I have several of these in different colors and they make great filler pieces for small vignettes around the room when not in use under a potted plant.

This vase is the same one from the previous post Christmas Countdown - 10 days left!.  I turned the vase around backwards and added the Joy ornament.
Changing out just a few areas of your décor each season can give a room a whole new look and feel.  Each season I also change the quilt that is on the back of my couch and the cover for my ottoman to set the color scheme.  Post links below to show off your winter décor and share your creative ideas.

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