Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - Cupcake Trees #14

Inspiration for many crafts can come from the most innocent intentions.  A friend of mine bought a magazine this summer and brought it to church for us to look through.  Once the first page was turned I was captured by all the wonderful ideas it held.  The ideas of the assortment of projects we could create began to fly like sparks from a sparkler on July the 4th.

One of the many projects was a cupcake liner Christmas tree.  The trees are fun, festive and really, really cute. Here is the version my friend made using the pattern in the magazine.

The only thing more fun than this tree might be cupcakes beside it.
The base of the tree is a Styrofoam cone.  You simply cut the cupcake liner bottoms out and wrap the strips around the cone securing with pins along the way.  The variety of very cute cupcake liners out this time of year is endless.  You could also use this for other seasons by simply making some with other themed liners.  Oh, the possibilities this pattern holds.
The polka dots are just the right touch for a fun, festive decoration.
The base of the tree is a Styrofoam cone. 
These come in several sizes so you could make a trio for a table or mantel.
This is the magazine we used to create our version of the cupcake liner tree.  You may still be able to get it at your local store.  It holds some incredible ideas.

So for a quick, fun and festive tree this year grab your cupcake liners and head to the craft room not the kitchen.  Only 14 days left!


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