Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - Backpack Tags #12

Attaching items to your backpack has become the new charm bracelet for kids.  Some kids have more hanging from their backpack than is in the backpack.  So to jump on this fun expression of individual style I came up with a DIY backpack tag.  I made a couple of versions based on the same theme -- hearts. 

The translucent design of this tag lets the sun shine through.

The wooden hearts are colored with metallic sharpie.
The translucent design is made from plastic pellets.  I have several packages left from the sun catchers my children made when they were younger.  I placed the pellets in a metal pan I use only for crafts and heated them in the oven until they melted together.  After letting them cool I popped them out and sanded down the rough edges.  I like the added texture the rough edges add to the design. 
The plastic pellets are from old sun catcher projects.
The wooden hearts are colored using a metallic sharpie pen.  After coloring them I let them dry for about 20 minutes and then sealed them with a clear acrylic sealer.  The sealer ensures that the pen does not smear when the tag rubs against the backpack.  I found out it would smear by accident.
In the center of each heart I glued a scrapbook embellishment that has various words like - Smile, Friend etc.  To form the hanger for the tag I bent soft colored wire into a swirl shaped bail.  I hammered the part that would be glued to the back of the tag so it was flat.  You can flatten most wire with a hammer.  I used E6000 glue to secure the bail to the back.
The center embellishments are scrapbook supplies.

The bottom part of the bail was hammered flat for a better fit.

Last part was to attach a hook so the tag could be attached
to the zipper of the backpack.
The wooden hearts are colored silver, purple and light blue.

The opaque silver color looks great against the bright pink and blue.

I love the translucent appearance of these tags.

The above tags (clear and wooden) were made for a kids
craft class I did recently.  It was one of the items in the goody bags.
I know kids love hanging these tags from their backpacks.  So what better way than to give them a tag that is as unique as they are.  Only 12 days left!


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