Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - Sheet Music Wreath #22

Looking for a new wreath to add to your décor this year?  Why not pull out that old sheet music and turn it into something wonderful.  The added bonus to this wreath is it weighs practically nothing.  So your husband will not complain that he can not find a stud to hang it on.

Made from an old hymnal.

Very lightweight but beautiful.
To begin you will need a piece of lightweight cardboard. The cardboard can be solid or have an opening it does not matter.
I used the end from a large ribbon spool.
Take your sheet music or hymnal pages and roll them into a cone shape and tape the end to secure.  Next flatten the cones to create your petals for your wreath.
Remove the pages from the hymnal carefully so the edges are straight.

Roll, tape and flatten your pages.

You will need a bunch of these to create your wreath.
Once you have a stack of flattened pages begin to glue them to your cardboard in a circular pattern.  The size of your wreath will be determined by the placement of your pages.  If you want your wreath small place them close to the center.  For a larger wreath pull them out toward the edge slightly.  Be sure that your cardboard is large enough and at least the bottom half of the page is glued to the cardboard.  This will prevent the edges from getting bent over time.
Secure your pages to the cardboard using any kind of glue.
I overlapped my pages slightly to give the wreath a full look with only one layer.  For a really full wreath add another row of pages on top of the first row.
To finish the center you can add any kind of embellishment you like.  I wanted mine to have a folded page circle with smaller embellishments in the very center for a little color.
In the very center of the folded page circle I added
fabric yo yo's and small musical ornaments. 

To create the folded circle take rectangular pieces of music and accordion fold them.  Then glue several sections together to create the circle. 

I used small binder clips to secure the sections until the glue dried.

The finished circle waiting for the glue to adhere.
Glue your center embellishments, add a ribbon hanger and your wreath is complete.  The finished wreath turned out to be even more beautiful than I imagined.  Remember Only 22 days left!

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