Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - More Paper, Glue & Ribbon #16

After decorating my door in my classroom I turned my attention to my classroom Christmas tree.  I was fortunate enough to get the tree for free from a fellow teacher.  I did not want to invest in any ornaments this year (I am waiting for the after Christmas sales) so I decided to use what I had on hand.

I used a hat on the top instead of a star or angel.  Nice and simple.

At school I have lots of paper, glue and ribbon.  Continuing the red and aqua theme I created a garland with various sized circles.  Then I added some jingle bells tied with red ribbon left from a previous project.  Topping off the tree with a Santa hat made this a quick and easy decorating job.

Garlands are an easy way to add a pop of color to a tree but also make your decorations appear fuller.  This garland with the bright colors works particularly well.

The garland has three sizes of circles.

The red and aqua paper is the same as the door. 
The white is made from book pages of course.

Simple jingle bells tied with ribbon.

This garland turned out quit nice I think.
 The garland I used on the door was all the same size circle giving it a more structured appearance.  The use of three different sized circles randomly through out the garland gives it a more festive playful feel.

Using the same size circles creates a very structured look. 
Using different sizes is more playful.
So remember you can decorate your tree or doors with just a little paper, glue and ribbon.  Only 16 days left!

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