Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - Wooden Spool Ornaments #7

As you have probably figured out by now I love to craft and sew.  I have a hard time throwing anything away that has crafting possibilities.  As my husband says "You can take the most ordinary item that is destined for the trash and create something wonderful and unique."  So I have on my sewing table a large glass jar that is full of wooden spools that were destined to be transformed in some way.

I was preparing for our annual quilt group Christmas party and wanted to make something small for each member of the group.  Thinking about quilting, sewing etc. I heard the large jar of wooden thread spools calling out to me.  So I created an ornament using the spools, old hymnal pages, beads and a touch of glitter.

I was able to make an ornament for each member of our group.
The spools turned out quite nice as an ornament.
Using pages from an old hymnal I cut a piece to cover each spool.  I glued the music to the spool with tacky glue.  Next I threaded the beads and spool onto a long ear ring wire and created a loop at the top.
The crystals hanging from to bottom came from a set of old ear rings.

Old hymnals hold an abundance of crafting possibilities.

The stack just keeps growing and growing.
To add the final touch to each ornament I made a glittered snowflake.  The small snowflakes are from a punch and then I put a small dot of tacky glue in the center.  Poured fine glitter over the glue to create a glittered center for each snowflake.  This small sparkle detail was just what each ornament needed.  A hanger from gold embroidery thread was added so the ornament is easy to hang.
The snowflakes are buried under each pile of glitter.

This small detail was just what each ornament needed to sparkle.
I was able to make about 25 ornaments before I ran out of the beads I was using.  Yes I still have a lot of wooden spools in my thread drawers.  Before starting this project I made sure it was not going to deplete my spool stash.  I like they way they look in the jar by my sewing machine. 
Packaged and ready to distribute at the party.  

Each quilter at the party loved their new ornament. 
So the next time your spouse or friend gives you a hard time about saving something that they deemed should be trashed.  Tell them you are saving it for a special project.  Who knows what wonderful creations will emerge.  Only 7 days left!

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