Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - Cookie Cutter Ornament #10

Only 10 days left! What, only 10 days left!  Yikes I am not ready for Christmas there is still too many projects left to finish.  Today's project is a fun ornament made from old metal cookie cutters.

These ornaments are quick to make but have that antique quality.
The ornaments are made from the old metal cookie cutters like your mother and grandmother had.  You can paint the cookie cutters (as my friend did above) or leave them in the original metal.  After you have painted the cookie cutter you cut out music or another kind of paper and glue it to the bottom on the inside of the cookie cutter.  Then to finish off the ornament add any kind of embellishment you want in the center.  My friend used simple die cuts from Christmas scrap book paper.  Add a hanger and you are done. 
Even slightly bent this ornament is a prize.
An old hymnal was used in the backs of these
but scrap book paper would work well also.
I found these ornament at a garage sale.  They are copper I think they would look
great as ornaments but probably will not get them done this year.  Oh well, maybe next year.
I think it would be cute to add some old buttons in the center to give it another dimensional layer.  But the simple die cuts are cute also.  Remember Only 10 days left!

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