Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - Kits for the Kids #2

Hopefully you have all your major projects finished and only need to add a few items to the stocking list.  Today's craft is a quick idea for the younger members on your list.  Craft kits for the kids to do on Christmas day.  These kits work for all ages and will keep them busy while they are waiting for family to arrive so the real fun can begin.

This kit makes one stretchy beaded bracelet.

Contained in this kit are four note cards.
I put these kits together using supplies I had in my stash.  The bracelet kit has a piece of stretchy elastic cord and a variety of beads.  I included some special beads so the bracelet had a fun aspect.  The beads can be simply threaded onto the cord and then tied to fit the child's wrist.
The note card dress up kit includes four blank note cards and simple die cut punches to embellish the cards.  The only other supply needed would be a glue stick.  You could also include some stickers with or instead of the die cuts.  These cards can be used to write Thank You notes after Christmas or to send a special note to Santa.
Each kit was packaged into a plastic bag with a card stock topper stapled on top.  By packaging the kits they work well for stocking stuffers or can be placed on a tray for each person to select one to complete.  The kits make the craft a special activity.
Take time this season to create with your children and you will both craft memories that last a lifetime. Only 2 days left!

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