Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - Last Minute Gift Idea #1

Oh no, you have been checking your list and realize you have forgotten to get anything for the neighbors or the dog sitter.  Well here is a quick idea to the rescue.  Holiday paper plates and napkins.

A practical and easy gift.
I received this gift from a family at my school.  It was a simple thing but so appreciated.  Everyone can use a set of pretty paper plates and napkins during the holidays.  They can be used for a party or a family dinner so the clean up is quick and easy. 
No wrapping is required since the plates and napkins are sealed.  Tie the items together using a ribbon or tulle, add a tag and top the gift off with a pretty ornament.  A simple gift that says we were thinking of you this season.  So, grab your car keys, head to the store and your Christmas list will be complete.  Only 1 day left!

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