Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - More Cookie Cutter Ornaments #9

If you still have an abundance of cookie cutters in your cabinet you might want to try this ornament project.  Wrapped Cookie Cutter ornaments.  They are simple and can be done with metal or plastic cookie cutters.

Using variegated yarn gives you the stripe effect.
Simply secure the yarn to the cookie cutter and wrap the yarn around the outside.  Be sure to keep the yarn straight and tightly wound.  Secure the end again and add a hanger.  It would even be cute to suspend something from the center of the ornament like a small star etc.
Keep the yarn tight when wrapping.

On tight corners you might have to slightly overlap the yarn.
After you make all of your cookies for the holidays sort the cookie cutters into stacks of "keep for cookies" and "turn into ornaments" piles.  Then grab your yarn and have some fun.  This would be a great craft for the kids to help with.  These simple ornaments great gifts for coworkers and teachers.  Only 9 days left!

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