Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - Clip Kits #19

Here is another idea to package up for your crafty friends or the kids on your list this year.  Clip Kits, each kit makes 3 decorative clips that can be used for all kinds of items.  From the chip bag in the pantry to the To Do list on your desk. 

Clothes pins and die cuts to create unique clips.
Each kit makes 3 clips.

Great for using up scraps of paper and extra punches.
I made a series of these last year for the teachers and staff at my school.  Check out the post here for more information: Christmas Countdown 5 days left!  I still see them around teachers classrooms holding papers to be graded or notes to send home.  These make great gifts for a large group.  Remember only 19 days left!

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