Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Handmade Valentine Book Cover Signs

Are you looking for a new way to spread the love of Valentines Day?  Check out these cute book cover signs.  They are made the same way as the Christmas Signs. 

The letters are cut from paint chip cards.

I used the original edging of this cover with the two toned effect.

Need a place to put all those Valentines, this sign would be the perfect place.
For the top cover I used paint chip cards and cut out the lettering.  The paint chip cards were large cards so the letters fit easily.  The center of the sign I placed a chipboard heart with beading I purchased from my local craft store and placed a white feather behind it to soften the look.  The edges are ribbon.
The heart is a chipboard pre-made purchase.
The next sign I liked the way the original cover had the two toned effect with the wide edging.  I used this to aid in the layout of the sign.  The large hearts are paper and the smaller red hearts are wooden.  The scripture verse graphic was surrounded by scrapbook paper and buttons. 
This sign hangs on my classroom door along with the playing card garland.
The last sign was created as a place to show off all the Valentines I received.  The book cover was painted white and I glued a large paper doilie to the center.  The burlap ribbon topped with a smaller red ribbon gave me the foundation to glue the small clothes pins on.  The small red hearts and buttons attached to the clothes pins adds just the right final touch. 
Now I can show off my sweet Valentines.

Even the Valentines I give myself like this one.
So create your book cover sign and spread the love in your home or office.  For a garland to accompany your sign check out the Paper Doilie Garland and Playing Card Garland posts.  Post a picture or comment below for others to share in your creative love.

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