Monday, February 16, 2015

Pinterest Pin I Use Most Often

When I started on Pinterest I was excited and blown away by the sheer volume of ideas the site held.  Since then it has increased tenfold.  Like you I am on Pinterest searching for new ideas and inspiration.  I get excited when I come across a pin that stokes the creative fire that burns deep within.

But, the pin I probably use more on a daily basis than any other is a little surprising.  It is a pin about taking plastic grocery bags and folding them into a football shape.  Can you believe that is what I use the most?  Of all the pins on my boards oozing with creative ideas this is the one that stands out.

Plastic bag footballs!

Maybe it is because at the time I found the pin I was struggling with keeping the plastic bags I put in my car for various uses from taking over the car door and trunk.  I liked having the extra bags in the car for that trip to the store when the shampoo decided to leak everywhere but they were taking over and needed to be corralled in a smaller place.

By folding the bags into footballs they fit nicely in your purse, car door, lunch bag or desk drawer.  Now I always have an extra bag and it takes up very little space as it waits for the next use.

What is your favorite pin?  Did it spark a creative idea or did it organize an area of your life that was out of control?  Share a comment below so we can all share in the joys of that favorite Pinterest pin.  Oh, and be sure to follow me on Pinterst who knows what favorite I will find soon.

Danna Webber on Pinterest
Football Plastic Bag Folding Pin


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