Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014 - Christmas Signs #26

Spreading some holiday cheer can come in many forms.  Nothing says Christmas time like decorated trees, lights glowing in the night and a crispness in the air.  But, sometimes your holiday sentiment can be a simple sign you hang on your door or wall.

Holiday signs can come in many sizes with all kinds of sayings.  I personally appreciate the simple reminder of Joy, Noel or a just a wreath.  To create your greeting you can us an abundance of formats.  Recently I started teaching a class on making a Book Cover Sign using discarded hardback book covers.  Below are some ideas I used to share my Christmas cheer.

The colors in this sign remind me of the crisp winter air.

JOY - who doesn't need more joy in their life?

Do you believe?

Using up old bottle caps in a unique way.

A simple Christmas greeting.
For a more detailed description of how to make the book cover signs see Book Cover Sign How To.  Most of the items used to decorate these signs can be found easily.  I used old book pages as the paper for the blue NOEL sign and bottle caps for the wreath, buttons and lace for the JOY and white card stock for the deer. 
Old book pages cut out and decorated.

Buttons on only the bottom half of the letters really anchor them.

This was in a package of Christmas buttons and embellishments.

Another Christmas button with the shank removed.

Old bottle caps and the best part you get to drink all the sodas first.
If you are looking for a new decoration this year for your door or wall start digging around in your old books and decorate a cover.  Only 26 days until Christmas.

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