Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Prayer Box: A Special Gift

For Christmas a dear friend gave me a precious gift - a Prayer Box.  It is a beautiful vintage tin box with a soft blue floral décor.  Although the box is attractive on the outside it is the contents that are precious.  Inside are various handwritten and printed scriptures and quotes.

My Prayer Box is a vintage tin.
A Prayer Box is an ongoing gift.  Each time you come across a passage of scripture that stirs your heart or you read a quote that makes you think you put a copy in the box.  My friend was kind enough to take the time to hand write some of the notes so not only do I have the scripture or quote I have it in her own hand.  That is an extra blessing beyond measure.
Inside are scriptures, hymns and hand written quotes.
Every week I take a note from the box and make it my focus of prayer for the coming days.  During my reflection of the passage I am not only encouraged by the uplifting words but it brings a smile to my face as I remember that I am loved dearly by God and my friend.
I am searching now for a box to prepare for my daughter when she moves away from home and for other dear friends.  As I search for the right containers I am also gathering my favorite scripture passages and quotes to add to their box and my own.
Some  notes are handwritten and others are printed.
This would make a great wedding gift for a young couple to remind them to hold dearly to the love they share.  At a shower you could ask guests to write or bring with them their favorite scripture or encouraging words.
This gift is one of the best gifts I have ever received.  The gift of encouragement and love is held in each note.  Begin today preparing a Prayer Box for you, your family and dear friends.  I have gathered some of my favorite scriptures to get you started click on the link Prayer Box Cards to print them out and add to your boxes.  Everyone can use a little more prayer each and every day.

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