Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Budget Friendly Fun Valentines for a Large Group

I enjoy giving even a small token to my coworkers on holidays but working in a school makes that list somewhat extensive.  So I am always looking for ways to create something fun and unique on a budget of nothing or very little money.  This year I came across a really cute Origami Heart Bookmark.  Not only is the bookmark a folded heart but it is a corner bookmark which I thought was really fun and unique.

The corner bookmark Valentine

I created my bookmarks out of old book pages (you know how I love old book projects) so the only cost for the Valentines was a little bit of my time and a pack of index cards.  I enjoy this kind of project because I can do it in front of the TV.  The folding of the origami is slightly complex but once you have done 4 - 5 you can really go to town.  Here is a great tutorial video that I watched to learn how to fold the bookmarks.

You can start with any size square, the larger the square the larger your bookmark.  I made my squares approximately 3" x 3".  I chose this size based on the book pages I was using since the pages had two columns.  This allowed me to get 6 squares per page.

The only change I made to my bookmarks was the addition of a colored heart punched from picture book pages.  I wanted mine to have a definite Valentine's feel and thought the colored heart added that special touch.
I added a colored heart to the center of my bookmarks.

I made about 100 of these and then placed them on a 3x5 index card with my greeting stamped on the card.  So the only cost for my Valentines for the whole school was $1.00 and some time.  They turned out to be really cute. 

A large pile of bookmarks ready to be put on cards.

The center stamp is hard to read but it says Happy Valentine's Day

I stamped READ on the same angle as the bookmark.

They would make a great gift for a book club, classroom or for those friends who enjoy a good book.  Did you create something special for your family and friends this Valentine's Day? If you did please share a comment below and tell me about your project.


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