Friday, January 23, 2015

Handmade Playing Card Garland

In a previous post I talked about my class I am offering making Garlands, Banners and Pennants.  Checkout the Paper Doilies Garland I made for Valentines.

My new garland is a little more unusual and might take some hunting for supplies to get a truly unique look.  I took vintage playing cards and strung them face up and face down.  You could stop there and leave your cards undecorated if they were themed cards.  I decided to add some decoration to mine again in the Valentines theme.  This one will be used on my classroom door.  To each card I added paper hearts in different sizes and paper designs.  The white hearts are cut from old chapter books.  To finish off the garland and add a little sparkle I glued small rhinestones to one of the hearts on each card.  The garland turned out really cute.  It will be a nice addition to my classroom door for Valentines.

Vintage playing cards
The white hearts and circle are old chapter books

The added rhinestone is a nice amount of sparkle.
I bought some Star Trek cards to use as one of my samples but my daughter begged me to give them to her.  I said yes but she had to replace them with a different set of themed cards.  She purchased a set of Tetris game cards and Frozen playing cards.  These have some great ideas brewing in my head.  I also purchased some old games at a flea market to use in my classes.  The games I bought were Pictionary, and one called Probe.  These games have cards and would make great garlands.  The Probe game has cards with letters.  This would be fun to spell out a celebratory greeting or a name for a bedroom wall.  There are lots of games that have cards - Trivial Pursuit, Skip Bo, Uno etc.
I bet if you dig around in y our closet you will find some playing cards or old game cards that you can use to spruce up your next party or just add a festive touch to your home décor.

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