Friday, April 24, 2015

Baby Book Cover Sign

At my school this year there has been a large group of pregnant teachers roaming the halls. In one grade level all but one teacher is pregnant and he is a man.  I told him I thought he was safe from the pregnancy bug but his wife might not be because she also teaches at our school. 

Well the time has come for the baby showers to begin.  The first one was last week for a teacher who is having a boy.  I wanted to create something simple yet useful for her new bundle of joy.  I decided that a book cover sign would work nicely.

The sign - personalized with the baby's name.
The sign is covered with a scrapbook paper background and wide rick rack on the top and bottom.  The paper and button at the top is glued to a clothespin allowing for the card to be changed. 
The button and circle are glued to a clothespin.
I made the card out of book pages from chapter books and picture books.  The heart says We Love You in the center.  The clothes pin will allow for the mom to change out the card for pictures or other keepsake items. 
The sign without the card attached.
The name was made from stick on letters.  This sign will provide the perfect spot to clip that new photograph or as he grows that freshly painted picture of the flowers and sky.
To wrap the gift for the shower I placed it in a simple brown sack and attached a pin made from scrap fabric and buttons.  The pin can be worn by the mom or clipped to a diaper bag for easy recognition.
Simple gift wrapping.
Now I only have to make a few more for all the other expectant moms in our school.  I might make one for the male teacher just in case.  If you are curious about how to make a book cover sign check out these posts for instructions and ideas.  Valentine's Book Cover Signs, Christmas Signs and Book Cover Sign How To.

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