Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Book Cover Sign - How To

In the previous post Fall Book Cover Signs  I posted about using discarded library books in some new creations.  This post will give a detailed description of the process I used.  Here are the signs I made for Fall.

The rich colors in the sign would be warm welcome anywhere.

A great reminder to always give thanks for all of your many blessings.
For the Welcome sign I used dyed coffee filters and diluted glue to secure them to the book cover to create a rich background for the sign.

The dyed coffee filters were in the recycle bin and I snagged them. 
Someone had cut out leaves for a bulletin board.  I bet the leaves were beautiful.

To dye the coffee filters you take washable markers, color the filter and then spritz with water to let the colors run and bleed together.  The colored effect of these was beautiful.

Using regular white glue diluted with water I glued the filters to the painted book cover.
Before gluing the filters to the book cover I painted it first.  Since the cover was a newer one and had no texture I thought it would allow the filters to adhere better.  I also tore the filters so they would have a softer looking edge.  I extended the filters past the edge of the book cover so I could wrap them around to give a nice finished edge to the sign.

Wrapping the filters to the back provided a nice finished edge.

The coffee filters did bleed slightly since they were done with washable makers. 
Once I finished I put a sealer coat on the filters.
Once the background was finished I glued my scrabble tiles in the pattern to welcome family, friends and guests. 

I started with the word WELCOME in the center and built the other words off of it just like a scrabble game.

The ribbon is glued to the back at the top and bottom and the center. 
The flowers were a scrapbook embellishment.
The other GIVE THANKS sign was made on a book cover that was textured.  I did not have to paint the cover since the color and texture was nice looking.


The wooden leaves were covered with the same coffee filters as above. 
I painted the edges with a gold sharpie.
Adding a polka dot bow was the perfect finishing touch.

The overall look of these signs is really eye catching.  Just by using someone else's leftovers before they went into the trash provided the perfect palette for some really cool signs.  So, let your "trash" or leftovers be your next inspiration.

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