Monday, April 20, 2015

A Great Birthday Weekend

This last weekend was my birthday so my husband and I took Saturday and celebrated.  We drove about an hour south of our home to an event called Antiques Alley.  It is a 37 mile long stretch of yard sales, flea markets and downtown square festivals.  Click Antiques Alley for their website.

We decided since it had rained fairly heavy the night before that we would check out the downtown square festival first in a small town called Grandview.  This town is in the center of the 37 mile event so we figured it would be a good place to start.  We walked around town and looked at all the booths, garage sales and small flea market area.  After having lunch we headed down the Farm to Market road toward our home.  The next town was only 11 miles away.  It took us two and a half hours to drive 11 miles.

In that 11 miles were three large pasture flea markets of 150+ booths, countless garage sales and  smaller flea market areas.  We stopped at a few of the smaller flea market areas but did not have time to fight our way into the larger ones.  The drive home even though it was bumper to bumper traffic in some areas was very enjoyable.  My first thought as we drove down the FM road was "Where has this event been all my life?" 

As we entered the next small town there were garage sales everywhere.  And I do mean everywhere.  We only drove about 8 blocks and there was a sale at almost every house.  Since we did not have any idea that this event was this large we did not allow nearly enough time to stop at the larger areas.  We made furious notes on the map for next year as we drove past each section.

We did buy a few things and had a great day driving the country roads in the beautiful spring weather in Texas.  With all the rain we have had recently everything was green and in full bloom.  I am planning our visit for next year and will be putting money away starting now.

Here are the few things we bought below.  We did snag a great TV cabinet for our game room for only five dollars (but it is still in the van so I don't have a picture).  We also bought a great graduation gift for our daughter who graduates in a few weeks from college.  Of course there is no picture of that because I don't want to spoil the surprise.

This is the traffic at one of the larger flea markets.
Cars were stacked on each side of the road.

I bought all the plastic toys and cards for a Kids Craft Camp I am
doing this summer.  We will be creating some exciting items with these tools.
If you have an event in your area like Antiques Alley post a comment below so other can find their flea market/garage sale event of a lifetime.  Happy hunting.

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