Friday, April 17, 2015

Dish Towels - I must have an addiction!

I have been on the lookout lately for plain dish towels that I could spruce up a bit to add to my Etsy shop.  Everyone can use a new fun dish towel.  Anything that will brighten up the job of washing those dirty dishes or cleaning the kitchen is a win-win situation in my house.

When I recently came across some bright spring colored dish towels that were on sale I snatched up the last bundle with excitement.  They are fun spring time colors so I wanted to add something to them that resembled spring flowers.

The first of the bundle embellished.
The first one I made by adding a wide band of orange gingham checked fabric and a grouping of yoyo's in coordinating fabrics.  This was a simple process and it turned out sooo cute.  (It might have to stay in my kitchen.)  I have five more in various colors left in this bundle.  It will be exciting to see what ideas bloom soon for the others.
Yoyo's are a great way to add a simple embellishment
to many different items.
In my cabinets I had stuffed (I mean - stashed) some dish towels from a while back.  They are black and white.  Now black and white is a classic combination.  And if you add an additional color to that combination it is just down right fantastic.  I added a yellow flower applique to the center of the black and white striped towel and topped it off with a large black button in the center.  To soften the edge I added a pale yellow gingham checked ruffle. 

Simple and striking!

The flower applique came in a kit with several other flower appliques.
The next black and white towel was checked so I added some leftover quilt squares along one end.  It was quick and easy to add the squares and run a decorative stitch around the edge.
The four outside squares are scraps from a friends baby quilt she made.
The center square is from my grandmothers fabric stash. 
I have always loved this fabric and was excited to use it for this simple project.
Dish towels as I have stated before make a great gift for any occasion.  And if it is a personalized or handmade dish towel it is even better.  So the next time you are walking through the home section of your local store check out the blank dish towels that are on sale.  Snatch up a few and make a gift that will impress all your friends and family.  Maybe they will invite you to dinner and you can use the towel to help with the dishes.

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