Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What's That Sewing Machine Foot Used For?

In the previous post Denim Pennant Banner I used double folded bias tape on the top of my banner to connect it all together. 

My double sided pennant banner.
Since the bias tape I used was not very wide I was trying to figure out how I could make it easier to sew the tape on and get the stitching straight.  While I was digging around for an idea I pulled out a foot for my sewing machine that sparked an idea.  The foot has a small wheel guide on the right side that adjusts. 

Here is the foot.
Now I was not sure what the foot is originally used for but I placed it on the machine and moved my needle slightly to the left.  It lined up my bias tape perfectly and the guided edge would keep the tape and the stitching straight. 
This is how it attaches to my machine.
When I started stitching I did turn my pennants so they faced into my machine so the correct edge would line up on the foot.  This was a little awkward at first but since it kept the stitching nice and straight it was worth the effort.

My bias tape lined up with the foot
and the machine needle moved slightly to the left.
Once I was finished I was curious what the original purpose of this foot was so I looked it up in my machine book.  It is the Blind Stitch Hemming Foot.  Since I do not sew a lot of clothing I probably have only used this foot once or twice in my lifetime.  No wonder I was not sure what it did. 
The next time I need to line up something narrow and stitch it a long way I will pull out my Blind Stitch Hemming Foot and put it to use.  It may not be the reason I have it with my machine but at least it will get some use in my lifetime.
I wonder what other feet I have that will make my life of sewing and crafting easier?  Do you have a unique way to use your machine feet?  If so, post a comment below and share your knowledge.

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