Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wrap it Up

Wrapping a gift is just as fun to me as selecting the perfect gift. I enjoy creating a distinctive gift bag and card. Taking the time to prepare a beautifully wrapped gift is an expression of love.

I also love to use gift bags. This way I can create a beautiful bag in advance and when I am in a hurry (which is usually the case) I still have that expression of love. I buy solid colored gift bags in all sizes and then use a variety of scrapbooking and craft materials to create a unique look.

Many times this can give the simplest of gifts more impact (i.e. a gift card). I have several family members who truly want just a gift card or cash for an occasion. It is hard to “dress up” these items. I use a decorated gift bag and put in the gift card/cash and something small like a piece of candy, a candle, etc. inside. When I have done this in the past I get more compliments about the gift bag than I do the gift. But I know both are appreciated.

Here are some gift bags I have created. I don’t put any limits on what I use other than it has to be glued onto the bag.

One these bags I used paper flowers, a fun foam glittered flower and chipboard shapes.

The large notes in the center were actually the front of a thank you card.  The birds are chipboard cutout I painted and distressed.  The flowers are paper scrapbooking flowers with brads in the center.

The flower on the pink bag is made from a coffee filter with a silk flower in the center.  The flower on the blue bag is made from pages of a book cut into the flower shape and then curled around a pencil and stacked.  The paper behind the the chipboard bird is a page of an old dictionary.  I love the half circle cut outs on the edge of the page.

The striped bag has stacked fun foam flowers just glued to the front.  The heart on the other bag is the front of an old card with torn edges.

The red bag on the left has simple squares of paper glued on point with a chipboard cutout painted and distressed.  The other bag has a collage of papers, cutouts and a button.

So let your “Pink Lemonade Ideas” run free and see what wonderful creations you can make. I would love to hear your ideas and/or comments.

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