Saturday, October 5, 2013

Peel Away Sticky Stabilizer - WOW

After using the embroidery sewing machine several times I went to my local sewing machine center to ask some questions. My sister-in-laws machine is not the most expensive one but it is a nice version. The man at the sewing center showed me some stick on stabilizer. WOW – this really made a difference. Instead of fighting to get a piece of fabric into the hoop, I can now just peel away the top paper on the stabilizer and stick the fabric down. Another tip the salesman gave me was to only peel away what I needed for that project, leave the stabilizer in the hoop, peel another section off and do a second or third project before removing the stabilizer from the hoop. Now it takes less time to get something ready to embroider. So far I have done dishtowels and fabric pieces for my mug rugs with the peel away stabilizer. I bought a roll that was 2 yards long. I believe you might be able to buy it in precut sheets also.

I also learned that if you want to embroider terry cloth towels you would need to add a water soluble stabilizer on top of the towel. This does not allow the stitches to sink into the terry cloth. I have not tried this yet but the samples at the store looked nice. I found some YouTube videos that gave me some more tips.  Just search machine embroidery.

I look forward to trying many more projects. As with all my other creative passions this could quickly become an obsession. Next on the list to research is the card reader adapter so I can download embroidery patterns from the Internet.

As always please share your projects, tips and ideas.


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