Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fun with Tagxedo

Finding the perfect gift when you are a teenager can be a challenge.  My son was trying to decide what gift to get his girlfriend for an occasion.  We were tossing around ideas from jewelry, flowers etc. when I remembered a website that we had used at school.

Tagxedo is a free user friendly site where you can create a word cloud picture.  You can put in a URL and tagxedo will create the word cloud from the website, or you can type in a list of words to create the cloud.  The more times a word is repeated the larger the word will be in the cloud.

The original thought was to create a word cloud using words that described my son and his girlfriend, print it out and put it in a picture frame.  Once we created the word cloud we began to review our options for printing and saving the word picture.  I found you could purchase items with your word cloud printed on the item.  There was everything from coffee cups, mouse pads, bags and tshirts.  We decided to print the heart shaped word cloud on a tshirt.

Here is the result:
There were several tshirt styles to select from.  We thought this one worked the best for our design.

The tagxedo can be designed many, many different ways.  My son liked the heart with the black background.  It did provide a nice backdrop to bring out the shape and the words stood out a little better on the black.
A tagxedo word cloud has an abundance of creative uses.  Here is a short list of some ideas I have considered.
  1. Express your feelings about a person.
  2. Put the names of everyone on a sports team, classmates, family reunion as a keepsake.
  3. Words that describe a group (i.e. band, youth group, class, choir etc.)
  4. Information about a special event (i.e. graduation, wedding, birth, anniversary etc.)
  5. List of things you like to do - print it out and put it on the wall
  6. Describe your company and what makes it stand out might be an interesting way to market your business.
Here is a tagxedo I created using the URL of my blog.
Try Tagxedo yourself and see what sparks your creative cloud.

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