Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Collage – a fabulous form in any type of craft

The definition of collage is: "An artistic composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface,often with unifying lines and color." (

It is one of the most exciting types of art or craft to create. There are no “rules” necessarily so the sky is the limit. The only limitation I have found when working on a collage piece is being able to attach the items in a secure form.

Choosing the proper base for your collage is very important. If you are making collage jewelry you need something that will hold up to some abuse and allow for a jewelry finding to be attached. There are many different bases you can buy. Some even have the findings attached so that is one less step to complete.

Here are some pins I made using a base that already had the pin back attached. These were simple ovals in metal with a raised edge. The raised edge allowed me to stack items into the frame. I used Alene’s Tacky glue to secure the items. They have held up nicely but I think today I would use E-6000 glue. I used all kinds of things from my stash – buttons, charms, stick pins etc. I suggest pulling out pieces that you think look good together and start playing with arrangements.

The main focal point of this pin is the velvet button.  It is a vintage button in deep plum.  The other items used were buttons, beads and a mother of pearl antique cuff link.

This simple arrangement is mostly new plastic buttons.  The combination gives them a more "vintage" look.  Adding the small green ribbon to the edge added just the right finishing touch.

This is one of my favorites.  The black and gold buttons came from my grandmothers button stash.  The large teal oval piece is an old ear ring.
 The flower is a clay flower I purchased.
 This pin is just fun to wear.  I love the bright colors and the bows.  The solid red heart is wooden and the checkered heart is made of fabric. 
This pin was focused around the rocking horse stick pin.  The soft blues and browns seem to bring out the rocking horse.
Here are some pendant necklaces I created using the collage method. The small wooden frames were originally chalkboard Christmas ornaments. I painted the frames and then glued in my pieces with tacky glue. After letting the glue dry securely I used Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to create a resin type finish. The dimensional magic creates a professional finish and is very easy to use.

This pendant is layered with scrapbook papers, crystal jewels and a small butterfly charm.

This pendant was made for my mom.  I took old watch pieces and layered them on black scrapbook paper.
This pendant has a center focal piece of a scrapbook paper tag and several puffy stickers.
As you can see the sky really is the limit when it comes to collage creations. There is no right or wrong way to make a collage piece. This art form is perfect for Pink Lemonade Ideas.


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